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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Engaged.

28 May

Not only are they engaged but they are expecting a new family member.

I am super happy for both of them are you?



Miley Says NO to College!

27 May

(Cyrus rethinks college)

“I am a firm believer that you can go back [to college] at any age you want, because my grandma went back to college at 62 years old,” she told the radio show Monday morning.

What do you think about Cyrus not going to college is she making the right choice?

Which is the biggest problem?

15 May

Child Abuse


Comment if you like 🙂

The best of the best together?

12 May

Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze of Idol do a duet of Falling Slowly!

Finally Idol’s best a performance together!

Watch it in HD below

By the way I am back!


Cool App for iPad

17 Apr

SO I was browsing iPad apps and I found a cool one…..

  • It has tons of Yoga poses to help my feel better
  • For Example if I typed in stomach ache than i would get 6 or 7 poses to help me
  • There are hundreds of poses for anger, head ache, leg pain, arm pain and more!
  • Go check it out now!

If you like it download it I promise. It helps me so much! (It also saves tons of time and gets updated for more and more poses.)


45 million home up for sale?

11 Apr

Find out click the link


3 Apr

So I pre-ordered the iPad because textbooks are cheep and I am satisfied. It is probably the coolest, most futuristic device in a long time. I might send in some picture of it for you guys!

❤ RosieRosieRed

New Plan….

26 Mar

So our plan is to post weekly news on Saturday and Sunday so check Lili Lately weekly 🙂

Site Blog

18 Feb

Hey Guys!

Its Rosie I will just let you know I am going to a few places and won’t post for a few days.

❤ Rosie

The Grammys Belonged to Beyonce!

31 Jan


-Kings of Leon won song of the year….Wow I actually thought Poker Face would win.

-Taylor Swift won Album of the year which I felt she did deserve but I honestly thought Gaga would win again.

-Black Eyed Peas took home a grammy and so did Carrie Underwood

-Lagy Gaga won 2 grammys (atleast) and dominated fashion-wise.

I really felt the grammys didn’t award properly this year.

What do You think?



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