Lady Gaga’s Alejandro sneakpeak!

2 Jun

Watch it here!


One Response to “Lady Gaga’s Alejandro sneakpeak!”

  1. idioitworld August 13, 2010 at 2:42 am #

    The pubic wants REAl stories about NON celebrities. Everything that could ever happen to a celeb has already happened. Rehab. Jail. Gay rights. Pet rights. Affairs. Divorce. Adopting black children. Divulging childhood traumas. Cooking. Spats. Secrets that are never really secrets. Their stupid pets. Or like Pam Anderson, her fake love for pets, while she’s neglecting her kids. Abusing partners. Drunken escapades. New movie roles. Tattoos with boyfriend or husband’s name. Saying they’re gay or bisexual. BORING. BORING. UGH so cliche! Game over. Move on. Celebrities just aren’t that important anymore. The world has gotten smarter. And more serious. Few people really care about all this. THEY want something deeper. More genuine. Something real and helpful. Nobody cares anymore that a celeb is gay or is banging another celeb. Yuk. Go back to your studios and save us the boring recycled dramas! For the past 15 years magazines have been feeding us the same empty boring crap. We want to hear about the quiet neighbor who is raising a severely autistic child and on the weekends escapes into the night and jogs off stress, or drives downt the road screaming obscenities because the stress is so overwhelming and nobody in government agencies gives a shit. Or the man who is caring for his elderly father who craps himself in the middle of Macy’s and has to shuffle him into a bathroom, but ends up in woman’s bathroom by mistake and then cusses out everyone for childing him..Or the teacher who is fed up with illegal immigrant children crashing our american school system and who walks out on the job….or the grocery store clerk who is juggling 8 kids…..while dealing with bi-polar disorder, and mold in her kitchen. Or the fake ass politicians who sit on their butts and do nothing (has anyone caught this on tape) on our tax dollars, yep, that’s it baby, those are the HIDDEN stories that would rock our world the stories our hearts and minds crave because they are raw, rich and real.

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