Open Wide: What Celebs said this week!

Some crazy fun or brilliant quotes of the week! (May 24-31)

“When I found out how much he was making a night, I was like, ‘If they feel like calling me, I would love to sit next to Ellen.'”
Diddy, about taking over Simon Cowell’sAmerican Idol seat, on The Ellen Degeneres Show

“A meatball without sauce – is that even legal?”
Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice, on Rachael Ray

“If we were going to get romantic it would have happened a while ago.”

-Ashley Greene on Kellan Lutz

“I know I’ll be a hockey mom.”
Bristol Palin, to Harper’s Bazaar

“Lindsay Lohan has got to wear a little boozer bling.”
Regis Philbin, colorfully referring to the starlet’s new alcohol-monitoring anklet, on Live! With Regis and Kelly

“I always tell him all the time I want to slap him in the face.”
– Runner-up
Crystal Bowersox, on helping to boost American Idol winner Lee DeWyze‘s confidence, to PEOPLE


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