Food Review: Chain Restaurant: TGI Fridays

17 Jan

You know I haven’t seen a food review in a while so I  thought I would review this…:)


3/5 stars

Okay but….there is definately better 🙂

So It is as clean as a typical Ruby’s Dinner Place but there is better the Salads were okay but I have problems with super green or Brown leaves. They were nice and had good service but the little girls I was with ordered pizza and didn’t like it. Although they said the chicken fingers ‘were like heaven’ and they were. I enjoyed my main course of a chicken salad. And the kids let me try some dessert….A Cup of Dirt. Now that part was five stars but honestly you can’t go wrong with pudding and Oreo Crumbs. I gave it 3 stars because I have have had way better. Go to your Fridays and if you agree with my review than try a Macaroni Grill or Outback instead..


Kristen + Ash


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