Terrorism Attempt on Christmas!

25 Dec

Credits to: Associated Content

A Christmas 2009 attempted terror attack on a Northwest Delta airlines plane failed when a Nigerian man failed to explode the device he was carrying. Early reports say that the device was likely a peroxide based improvised explosive, but this has not been verified.

The Nigerian man, Abdul Mudallad, who tried and failed to ignite the improvised explosive device was taken intocustody and told authorities he was given the device and instructions to detonate it from militant Islamic extremists in Yemen. Details are sketchy at this point but early reports say that the man was subdued and wrestled to the ground by passengers, and was burned in the area around his lower torso.

The incident is reminiscent of the Richard Reid case of a few years ago. Reid is known as the “Shoe Bomber” because he tried to ignite an explosive embedded in the heel of his shoe.

A passenger on the Northwest Delta flight, Sayed Jafry, said he was more frightened after learning the details than he was at the moment when the bombing attempt occurred.

President Obama, who has been on vacation in Hawaii, has been notified of the attempted attack and has said that terror alerts were sent to all transportation terminals in the U.S. Meanwhile, CNN reports that administration officials are frantic to determine why Mudallad was not on a terror watch list and how he got an explosive device on the plane. The man who attempted to detonate the bomb is said to have begun his travel in Lagos, Nigeria and then transferred to a connecting flight in Amsterdam, bound for Detroit.

CNN also spoke to Richard Griffith, a passenger who was seated well away from the suspect, told CNN that the sound of the ignition resembled that of a champagne bottle explosion. Mr. Griffith said that passengers on the plane saw the Nigerian suspect’s pants were smoking and he appeared to be on fire before he was subdued and incapacitated by passengers.

These are the first reports of the incident, and the information provided has not been verified with official sources.


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