Celebs Celebs Celebs. The over advertised ones.

19 Dec

1.) Miley Cyrus

Its not like I want them to disappear or dislike her but seriously? She is in the news literally every day. The paparazzi either need to leave her alone or she needs to stop getting all this publicity. You know deleting her twitter…..I honestly don’t care.

2.) Tiger Woods

Him and his wife I know he cheated on her. Is that really our business? Well I know some people love to hear this but for me I would rather hear about something else for a change.

3.)Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift.

The two Taylor’s. I mean I have nothing against them but they are always in magazine’s and seem to want publicity and just won’t admit it. I mean I love them both but a news article finder/author/reporter it is hard to find in this hole of darkness.

4.)Lady GaGa

She is a great singer and has an interesting style sense but I admit she is way over advertised.

those are pretty much it…..I will choose a celebrity for celebrity of the year I want your opinions


Miley Cyrus-for tattoos and bad pictures taken

Lindsey Lohan-for smoking and partying

Paris Hilton-for outfits

The Hills Girls- for surgeries


Taylor Lautner- for his hard work

Demi Lovato-for her bullying program

Hayden Panettiere-for her saving whales program

Shailene Woodley- For her AIDS program

Taylor Swift…?


Comment or email lililately.viewer@gmai.lcom!


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