Renaissance Flashbacks!

4 Dec

Yes I am posting again sort of. It is just helping me study for my major. So I won’t be posting for a while sorry about that..


Leonardo Da Vinci- Of course he is such a great person. He painted Mona Lisa, drew a map from a birds eye, designed a helicopter and more. He comined art with science which is truly amazing and you should look up to.

Michelangelo- He was such a great artist. First of all, he sculpted David and Pieta. Secondly, he painted the Pope’s Chapel in rome and much more!

Yeah so those are two sorry this is mainly for my test and own good.



One Response to “Renaissance Flashbacks!”

  1. nikolaykotev December 5, 2009 at 1:15 am #

    Dear Mrs (Mr)!
    I want to show you my new Blog “Military Diplomacy” with Url address . The blog is for the diplomatic history and foreign policy during the Second World War. You can see also the Zhukov`s Berlin`s Strategic operation in photos.
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    Nikolay Kotev

    THIS IS NOT SPAM I PROMISE! Well it usually is but nice post. Leonardo was great!

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