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Twitter (from

  • 1,382% year-over-year growth in February 2009.
  • Total unique visitors grew from 475,000 in February 2008 to  seven million 80,00,000 (Eight million) last month.
  • Twitter is the fastest growing member community site for the month of February.
  • Zimbio (240%) and Facebook (228%) were the second and third-fastest growing online communities.
  • Twitter is not just for kids: In February 2009, adults ages 35-49 had the largest representation on Twitter – almost 3 million unique visitors from this age group (almost 42% of the entire audience).
  • 62% of the audience access Twitter from work only, while only 35% access it only from home.
  • It’s all about mobile: In January 2009, 735,000 unique visitors accessed Twitter via their mobile device.
  • The average unique visitor went to Twitter 14 times during the month.
  • They spent an average of 7 minutes on the site.
  • In Q4 2008, 812,000 unique users sent or received Twitter text messages (viaAT&T or Verizon cell phones).
  • The average tweet per person for the quarter was nearly 240.


Market Share (from

Top 15 U.S. general purpose card issuers based on outstandings as of June 30, 2009
1.  Chase – $165.87 bil.
2.  Bank of America – $150.82 bil.
3.  Citi – $102.54 bil.
4.  American Express – $78.16 bil.
5.  Capital One – $55.46 bil.
6.  Discover – $48.90 bil.
7.  Wells Fargo – $30.89 bil.
8.  HSBC – $26.09 bil.
9.  U.S. Bank – $20.17 bil.
10. USAA Savings – $12.96 bil.
11. Barclays – $10.67 bil.
12. Target – $7.78 bil.
13. GE Money – $7.17 bil.
14. PNC Bank – $5.08 bil.
15. First Nat’l Nebraska – $4.32 bil.
(Source: Nilson Report, August 2009)

Cool Facts


76% of American commuters drive to work alone. – The Week Magazine, 6/6/08

* 55% of all deaths caused by firearms in the United States are suicides. – San Diego Union, 7/1/08

* 2.4% of all Americans are in the criminal justice system somehow. 7,200,000 Americans are now either behind bars, on probation, or on parole. – The Week Magazine, 6/27/08

* Americans throw out 27% of the 350,000,000 pounds of food they buy each year. – New York Times, 5/18/08

* 70% of all trees cut for use as Christmas trees are whisked to departing trucks by helicopter. – The Week Magazine, 12/28/07

* 23% of all the psychiatrists in the country are in the New York City metro area. – The Week Magazine, 5/19/06

* 30% of Americans don’t know what year the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington took place. – Yahoo! News, 8/9/06

More Facts
  • There are 318,979,564,000 ways of playing the first four turns in a game of chess. There are 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways of playing the first ten turns of a game of chess
  • In the year 10,000 B.C., there were only 5 million people on earth. In 8,000 B.C., this figure had risen to only 8 million.
  • Currently there are more than 6,000,000,000 people on earth. Around 1900 there were only 1,600,000,000 people.
  • The average American spends 18% of his or her income on transportation, and only 13% on food
  • The total number of different bridge hands possible is roughly 54,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.
  • The typical person breathes 370,000 cubic metres of air in their lifetime.
  • Thirteen percent of the world’s population lives in deserts, which account for about one-third of the Earth’s land surface.
  • Over 85% of the world’s population lives north of the Equator
  • In 1985, NASA estimated that the probability of an accident occurring to the space shuttle was 1 in 100,000. However, on January 28, 1986, only the 25th shuttle launch, Challenger exploded after take-off, killing all seven astronauts aboard, and on February 1, 2003, the 113rd mission, Columbia exploded on re-entry, again killing all seven astronauts. Earlier estimates by other groups had estimated the probability as being closer to 1 in 100, a probability that seems more reasonable
  • In a study of 3,000 people that made New Year’s resolutions in 2007, only 12% stuck to them. The resolution with the greatest chance of success was “to enjoy life more”
  • The chances of winning a lottery in which six numbers are drawn from 49 is 1 in 13,983,816
  • For every 100,000 girls, 223 will become doctors and 17,475 will become nurses
  • 100 people a year choke to death on ball-point pens.
  • One’s lifetime risk of dying due to living with a smoker is 1 in 4,200. Getting struck by lightning over the course of a lifetime is more likely, with odds of 1 in 3,000
  • Over 50% of people that win the lottery jackpot return to work






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  1. Shaun November 19, 2009 at 5:31 am #

    After some research I found out that more than 75% of people who set New Year’s resolutions will break them within 3 months and almost one-third will break them by the end of January? Whether your goal is to stop smoking, lose weight, get in shape, break bad habits, pay off debt, or find true love; most people end up being another statistic.

    Register today for the FREE New Years Resolution Extreme Makeover Telesummit at:

    • lililately November 20, 2009 at 3:06 am #

      Alright, that interesting. Thanks for sharing! I honestly can’t tell if this is spam. It didn’t go under spam though.

      Thanks for commenting! 😀

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