Auctioning Of Bernie Madoff!

15 Nov

Article from: CNN

Summary by: Lili


You know that evil investor who caused millions to be broke. Well now there auctioning off his stuff. To pay back who he stole from. Read this article to find out more information on this horrible crook and what will happen! One hint his jet sells for  $14,500!

NEW YORK ( — It was a very good day for the victims of Bernie Madoff. Several hundred of his former possessions were auctioned off in New York City on Saturday, and most of them sold for prices that crushed their high estimates.

In total, the auction brought in more than $900,000 from goods seized from Madoff’s properties.

Bernie’s New York Mets jacket fetched $14,500 — more than 20 times what was expected. Ruth Madoff’s diamond dangle earrings knocked down a cool $70,000, more than three times the high estimate of $21,400. A pair of her onyx-and-diamond earrings also went for $70,000, more than seven times the high estimate of $9,800.

Three duck decoys, which were sold in separate lots for a total of $11,500, had been estimated to sell for $184 — total.

“This is great for the victims,” said Roland Ubaldo, the U.S. Marshal who was supervising the proceedings. “But it’s just a fraction of the money they lost.”


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