Google Puts Voice on Steroids with Gizmo5

13 Nov

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CELL PHONES / VOIP November 13, 2009 7:37 AM

The purchase of Gizmo5 enables Google Voice to compete directly with Skype. The bigger picture though is what Gizmo5 can add to Google Wave. Tony Bradley


Google Voice provides a diverse set of calling and communications features, but up to now it is mostly an accessory-pack that expands the functionality of the voice services you already use. Google Voice provides simultaneous ring of multiple phones, voicemail delivered to email and transcribed to text, the ability to transfer calls between separate phone systems, and more.

In response to an AT&T complaint to the FCC regarding Google blocking some calls on Google Voice, Google countered by stating that it does not actually provide the calling backbone so it should not be subject to those same communications rules. That is about to change.

Adding the ability to place calls over the Internet and from mobile devices using the Gizmo5 technologies will negate the argument the Google is not a telephone service provider and move Google to a different class of regulatory oversight from agencies like the FCC.

Gizmo5 provides Google with the ability to actually provide the voice service as well as the feature add-ons. Gizmo5 offers low-cost and free VoIP calls over the Internet and from mobile apps–similar to the services provided by Skype.

With Gizmo5, Google may now find itself on both sides of the net neutrality debate–both wanting an unrestricted public Internet and looking for ways to manage and restrict traffic for the services it provides.


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