What is REALLY true? (H1N1)

5 Nov

Note to everyone: I know I am saying the media is making a big deal but I am posting a lot about it. The only reason for this is I keep getting emails from news sites in my spam about H1N1 and my first 20 viewer messages forwarded to me were about H1N1.

Examples of False/Fake/(for)Publicity Alert Headlines:

Cat in Iowa had H1N1; may be 1st case in dogs or cats– I am not saying it is untrue but it is really trying to freak out pet owners what they don’t realize is this is most likely not Swine Flu more than likely another virus spread by pets.

H1N1 Virus Goes Global– I remember perfectly hearing this started in Latin America…so doesn’t that mean it was always global. The regular flu is also global.

Why Kellogg Is Ceasing Packaging Boasting ‘Immunity’– So now Kellogg is supporting swine flu or another rumor? The thing is during flu season each year Kellogg usually does something like this.


Mom, 31, Dies From H1N1 Weeks After Giving Birth to First Child– Pregnant women it is true have a better chance of emergency but be realistic millions of pregnant women in the USA very few have died.

Four Additional H1N1 Deaths Confirmed in Iowa– It seems Iowa and Kentucky alway total up deaths. Really there are over 1 million people 11 have died. Not a big chance

(un) Stress Your Self

My family members have had almost 50% of kids in school have H1N1. From what I have heard they all returned to school with-in 3-7 days. Again the same percentage of deaths in the US so far are similar to the regular flu’s deaths.

I hope this lowers your stress if you are still REALLY concerned speak to your doctor.


(written all by Lili no intent of taking away False Links viewers links included)


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