International News: In Chinese

19 Oct

Courtesy of: Chinese News











(I don’t know Chinese but I will have it translated)

In English:

White House: send more troops to Afghanistan is not a hasty


In an interview with U.S. media interview, Emanuel, director of the White House Office of the President, said that without a stable government in place in Afghanistan can not be rushed before deciding whether to send more troops.

Prior to this, is to visit Afghanistan, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, and U.S. President Barack Obama belong to Democratic Senator John Kerry, said the results of the presidential election in Afghanistan suspicious circumstances, more troops to the country is irresponsible practice.

Plans to send more troops to Afghanistan, but subject to a number of Republican senators for their support.

Texas Senator Keer Ning says that there is no sufficient reason to delay deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan.

Electoral abuses

Electoral Observation Mission of the United Nations, the Afghan presidential election, there were many drawbacks.

Afghanistan’s election commission is also planning to the Electoral Commission recommendation to re-election of President Karzai, the proportion of the votes to less than 50 percent under the revised, that is, Hamid Karzai, must face the second round of voting.

Although Karzai expressed great dissatisfaction, but his most steadfast support of the United Kingdom and the United States has begun to put pressure on him, hoping to persuade Karzai.

U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan has recently recommended that commanders to send more troops to Afghanistan, the proposed number of additional U.S. troops is about 4 million people.


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