California Pizza Kitchen Review.

17 Oct

Gretchen’s review copied directly from Food Critic: Gretchen Please visit her site!

*Note* I usually won’t review unless Gretchen asks me to

Gretchen’s review:

Okay, today I will give you a review on California Pizza Kitchen, where I went last night with 3 other friends for Lili’s birthday dinner. As you (hopefully) guessed, at the Pizza Kitchen, they serve pizza. But not only pizza. Salad, soups, and pasta, too. So it’s an Italian place. Well, Italian food is one of my favorites. And this pizza made it even better! To start off with, my friends and I ordered drinks. Water. “This is some good water!” said Darianne (aka ‘Dot’).Of course, I didn’t taste the water yet, because my straw broke as soon as I bent it. Cheap plastic. But, the waitress was nice, and brought me another straw. Next, we ordered caesar salad. “Pepper?” the waitress asked. Before I could say anything, Lili replied, “Yes, please!” Thank goodness for that!The caesar salad was delicious with pepper on it! I had about 3 helping of it! Finally,  our 3 pizzas came: cheese, pepperoni, and barbecue Hawaiian. I had 5 slices of pizza (yes, I was starved): 3 cheeses, 2 pepperonis. I didn’t try the BBQ Hawaiian because I’m not a big fan  of Hawaiian pizza. But the pizza was great! The sauce was so sweet, the crust was so good. This was great pizza, let me tell you. All of us four girls finished up, and all of us enjoyed the meal. The waitress came by to fill our waters up, but Lili said ,”No thank you.” As she smiled and walked away, Dot said “She has pretty black, short hair.” As we started talking, Lili had this disgusted look on her face. “What’s wrong, Lili?” Erika asked. “There’s hair in my water.” “Who’s hair?” “The waitresses.” It was true. The waitress had short, black, curly hair, and no one else at our table did. The rest of the night went well, seeing a movie, hanging out, but the dinner was good.

California Pizza Kitchen- 4 stars out or 5

(less importantly)

My Review:

California Pizza Kitchen Lili’s Review: I tagged along with Gretchen to popular chain restaurant California Pizza Kitchen. I ate a caesar salad (1/2 size is plenty for 1) and I love it it was creamy but not to creamy. The croutons were baked perfectly and the cheese was good. To give the salad 5 stars you have to put a few sprinkles of pepper on the salad.

More importantly the pizza I had one slice of each. The cheese was delicious except for the super sweet sauce. The pepperoni wasn’t my favorite but the barbeque chicken changed me it was delicious.
But I do have one complaint: Hair in my water. Other than this great service and food.

Four of Five stars.

Lili’s Note: The hair in my water should not discourage you from CPK. It is a great restaurant. We only went to one in Southern California. I have been very pleased with them every time including last years birthday dinner at the same CPK. I also enjoyed there service in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Carlsbad, San Diego and Phoenix. Normally If I hadn’t been pleased so many times I would have reviewed 2 or 3 stars for the hair.


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