Top 3 Articles of Today

8 Oct

1.) Pacific Quake Strike Tsunami Fears. (

Two powerful undersea earthquakes in the Pacific triggered a widespread tsunami warning on Thursday but the alert was later cancelled and there appeared to be little damage.

With memories of last week’s deadly series of quakes and tsunamis in the region, however, residents of several islands fled to higher ground and local authorities closed schools and issued alerts to stay off beaches. Read More…

2.) Inside CBS, Disbelief at an Arrest (New York Times)

By: Bill Carter

Inside CBS News, Robert Joel Halderman was a widely liked and well-regarded producer, known for chasing action and taking chances. But none of his previous experiences covering wars, school killings and the mob gave any hint that Mr. Halderman might himself become the central figure in a crime story that seemed like fodder for his current CBSprogram, “48 Hours Mystery.”

In interviews, friends and colleagues of Mr. Halderman said they were stunned last week by the news of his arrest in front of CBS News headquarters on charges of trying to blackmail David Letterman for $2 million. The case compelled Mr. Letterman to admit on his television show, “Late Show With David Letterman,” that he had had sex with female staff members. Read More…

3.)Bar Code: Its Origin Why It’s On Google and What’s Next

By: Ker Than

Read Article Now


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