Oil spill shutters part of Houston Ship Channel

28 Sep

Copied From: Google News

(AP) – 2 hours ago

HOUSTON — The Coast Guard says crews are working to clean up a 10,500-gallon oil spill that has closed traffic along three miles of the Houston Ship Channel.

Chief Petty Officer Mark Mackowiak says the 458-foot tank vessel Chemical Supplier was trying to make a turn Friday night when it hit a barge in the 52-mile long channel.

No injuries were reported. But the motor vessel ended up with a 2-by-4-foot gash in one of its fuel tanks.

Mackowiak says a team was working Sunday to create a traffic flow system. He was not sure when traffic would resume. He says at least nine ships are waiting to come into the area.

At least 130 personnel have been involved in cleaning up the oil spill.


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