Teen arrested in zoo theft of 3 squirrel monkeys, a Goeldi’s monkey, and an Amazon parrot

13 Sep

Courtesy of Los Angeles Times Article I was able to summarize this post.

Written By: Lili


A 17 year old boy was arrested for stealing three squirrel monkeys, a Goeldi’s monkey and a Green-cheeked Amazon parrot from the Palm Beach Zoo by The West Palm Beach Police.

Doing this he was not only arrested for theft and burglary but animal cruelity. “We are investigating two other young adults in connection with the crime,” Scott said.

“Three squirrel monkeys were found in plastic containers in a sweltering shed behind the house. A Goeldi’s monkey and a Green-cheeked Amazon parrot were kept in cages.”-Los Angeles Times

Vets had to treat animals for heat exposure. They are expected to recover soon. These animals are endangered the squirrel monkeys can be sold for around $3,000 each, the parrot was worth 1,000 and the other monkey around 10,000(rare)

“This is not the first time animals were stolen from the zoo. Four monkeys were swiped in 1998, according to past Sun Sentinel articles. In 1993, two rare South American monkeys were found with a teenager who may have wanted them for Satanic worship, police said then.” -Los Angeles

For Full Article click “Los Angles Times Article” at the top of post.

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