Serena Williams curses her way out of the competition!

13 Sep

Written by: Bethany

Today I was watching the women’s semifinals of the US Open (tennis). Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters were playing each other. The whole match was very suspenseful, but the end was shocking.

Kim Clijsters was two points away from winning the match and advancing to the finals when Serena Williams served a fault, then a foot fault (which means her foot was in the wrong place when she was serving). That was a double fault and she lost a point. So now Kim Clijsters was only one more point away from winning the match.

Serena Williams then took a tennis ball and started waving it in the face of the woman who had called the foot fault and cursed at her! She swore four times and threatened the lady. One of the things she said was, quote, “If I could, I would take this (swore) ball and shove it down your (swore) throat and kill you.” Later, when talking to a tennis official, she denied that she had ever threatened to “kill” the woman.

She was charged a point penalty, which was the final point Kim Clijsters needed to win. Serena took her things, shook Kim’s hand, and left. Kim Clijsters was left totally bewildered and confused — she was all the way at the other end of the tennis court, so she had no clue what had been going on.

Later Serena Williams spoke at a press conference. She had many, many opportunities to apologize to the woman who called the foot fault… but she never did. Instead, she covered up everything and acted as if it was no big deal she used the used swear words. word FOUR TIMES! She lied about everything and said it was “not necessary” to talk about what she shouted at the woman. She kept avoiding the subject.

In my honest and humble opinion, she embarrassed herself, the sport of tennis, and the United States of America.

Below is a video of the foot fault and her profanity. (Notice there are four bleeps.)


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