Clarification on the Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy.

29 Aug

I read through 2 or 3 articles and Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy is a U.S. Senator who died Tuesday. Articles have mentioned him as Edward m. Kennedy and Ted Kennedy so that must have been why there was confusion. I did read up on the news but it is confusing so if you would like to hear my take keep reading if not click HERE for you to hear this in reporters’ words.

First A little about Ted Kennedy…

-He attended Harvard for college then became a Senator.

-He entered Senate at age 30 in 1962.

-His older brother is John F Kennedy

-He had a brain tumor in May 2008 that limited his experiences in Senate and died Tuesday.

Article from Washington Post. which is a good article if you are confused….

Washington Post Staff Writers
Saturday, August 29, 2009

Edward M. Kennedy’s colleagues say the question that has been building since his death Tuesday is not so much who will replace him — no one can. It is what lesson his brand of liberalism holds for today’s anxious Democrats……Still interested???? Read More!

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  1. lililately August 29, 2009 at 4:11 am #

    Other credit to wikipedia.

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