New Authors

22 Aug

Author #1 Gretchen
Author #2 My other blog (randomstuffblog)
Auhtor #3 Katrina (Officialashleytisdale)

I will be posting through my other account and Gretchen and Officialashleytisdale will be posting when they get a chance.

Don’t worry I will edit all there posts to make sure whats on this site is 100% true!


One Response to “New Authors”

  1. officialashleytisdale August 22, 2009 at 10:49 pm #

    Hey Lili,
    Can you add me as an author.
    Wanna know something cool I am friends with Ashley T So I have tons of Celeb news whenever you want it!


    *Sure but keep in mind I will be editing all your posts to make sure they are 100% true. Welcome to the Lili Lately team*

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